Co-Curricular Record

Co-Curriculum Paths

A powerful way to measure and organize your student learning experiences.

If you are participating in any co-curriculum paths, you will see those populated on your homepage when you first login to myCampusLife. You’ll see a section called “Paths” (image below) with a list of your co-curriculums. Click on your path title to view more details about your progress and the requirements to complete this co-curriculum path.

In order to participate in a co-curriculum path, you have to be added by a campus administrator. There is no way for you to opt in or join without administrative oversight. If you think you should be part of a path that you are not seeing, please contact

UFV faculty and staff

A Co-Curriculum Path allows institutions to customize a guided pathway specific to a students experience. By utilizing event attendance tracking, student self-reported experiences and organization participation, student can quickly record and view their progress in your program. Co-Curriculum Paths can be organized in a number of different ways and around many different topics. If you're interesting in creating a Co-Curriculum Path, please contact for more information.

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I love that UFV offers a Co-Curricular Record. I’m building my record so that I have a competitive edge when I apply for grad schools/employment after I graduate. I’ll have an official document that makes my application stand out from the rest. Getting recognized encourages me to get involved outside of class time. Meeting so many wonderful people and developing my skills while earning recognition is an added bonus.

  • – Raveena W.
  •    UFV Political Science student

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