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Rashad Mammadov

Rashad Mammadov

Assistant Professor

Abbotsford campus, D3021

Phone: 604-504-7441

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Rashad Mammadov is a dedicated journalism, visual communication and global media expert with over 18 years of journalism experience. He has over eight years of combined experience in foreign and U.S. higher education institutions in teaching both skill classes, such as production, visual based new media, digital media, videography, photography, graphic design, and web design, and courses covering global media and communication.

Being a highly promising researcher with accepted publications and strong conference record, he has an impressive ability to work on a variety of research topics regarding visual communication and media around the world. His other research interests include government-media relationships, the implementation of mass communication theories to the media systems of countries with developing democracies, and media realities under different political systems.



PhD in Mass Communications, Indiana University, USA

MA in Communications, Indiana University, USA

MA in Journalism, Baku State University, Azerbaijan

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