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Emily Seitz

Emily Seitz



Abbotsford campus, D232

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4736

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Emily is a PhD student in English Literature at the University of Birmingham (Distance Learning). Her thesis, Cultivating the Bard: The Construction of Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century, expands on eighteenth-century Shakespeare adaptation scholarship by examining, for the first time, how philosophical ideals of nature and cultivation impacted adapters’ construction of Shakespeare as a national English figure.

Emily has taught in the Communications Department at UFV since 2017.


  • Bachelor of Arts; English Honours, Creative Writing (UFV, 2015)
  • Master of Arts; English Literature (SFU, 2016)
  • PhD; English Literature (University of Birmingham, In Progress)

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that practice is key to the development of strong writing and communication skills. My goal as a teacher is to give students an academic space to cultivate their writing and communication abilities. As a teacher, my objective is not to point out flaws, but to show students how to become stronger writers and communicators.

In my teaching experience, encouragement and constructive criticism have worked in tandem to develop strong writing skills in students. I encourage students by helping them identify their areas of strength. Constructive criticism, for me, provides an opportunity to encourage students and coach them not to simply see flaws in their writing, but to see opportunities to enhance, strengthen, and improve their work.

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