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Christopher Towler

Christopher Towler

Sessional Faculty


Abbotsford campus, D232

Phone: 604-504-7441

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When it comes to teaching, Christopher strives to take the concepts we learn in the classroom and make them relate-able to everyday life. As someone who did his Master of Arts in Toxic Masculinity in Video Games, he considers making teaching relate-able and relevant a cornerstone of his approach to education.

Chris completed his Master of Arts in Communications & New Media at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 2016. After returning home, Christopher worked in municipalities and non-profits where he honed his ability to craft direct messages in social media campaigns and website design. He also sits on the Board of Directors for The RaspBerry Magazine, a local non-profit organization that highlights local artists and writers in the Fraser Valley. He has written several published articles on the intersection on positive effects of gaming with mental health through The Raspberry.

When not working, Christopher takes improvisational comedy classes in Vancouver and routinely performs for audiences. He is also a performing musician, singer, writer, and avid gamer, encompassing everything from video gaming to Dungeons & Dragons. Oh, and he also owns a pug dog named Oscar.


  • Master of Arts, Communications and New Media (McMaster University, 2016)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (University of the Fraser Valley, 2013)
  • Associate of Arts (Douglas College, 2011)

Teaching Philosophy

Christopher prefers not to lecture students whenever possible. He likes to tease out key concepts and help students reach conclusions on their own by creating active and engaged classrooms full of energetic discussion. When students are able to directly see how concepts are applicable to their everyday experiences, education becomes an organic process.

Research Interests

Christopher’s research interests include participatory cultures, fandoms, game studies, contemporary masculinity, sociology, communications technologies, online communications, and popular culture.


  • Toxic Masculinity in the Video Gaming Community CKUT 90.3 FM Wednesday Morning After Radio Interview (2018)
  • Toxic Masculinity in the Video Gaming Community Concordia University, LOUDSPEAKERS Conference
  • New Media Installation, Society of the Spectacle: The Exploitation of Workers in the Performing Arts. Exhibited at the You Me Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, between Jan 8 - Feb 7, 2016.


  • Towler, C & Wind, J. (2018) Where there be dragons, there is treasure: Why people keep talking about Dungeons and Dragons and why you should join the party. Raspberry, 2(3), 6-17
  • Towler, C. (2018) Night in the Woods Hits Close to Home Raspberry Magazine
  • Towler, C (2018) Changing the Rules: Adversity and Empowerment in Persona 5 Raspberry Magazine
  • Towler, C (2018) The Last Guardian is a Game that Demands Patience Raspberry Magazine
  • Towler, C (2017) Mental Heath in the Gaming Community Raspberry Magazine

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