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Often it is you who has the responsibility to organize the Department or Faculty meetings and events. If this is your first time planning a meeting/event or if you are a seasoned planner and you require our assistance with the planning and facilitation of your meeting or event, Conference Services is here to help! Meetings and events fall under the following categories:

Internal Client

If you require our assistance for your upcoming internal meeting/event, please note that Conference Services charges a fee for service.  The fee will be customized for your event based on your needs and requirements and should be a part of your budget.

In part, the Use of University Space policy (132) describes internal clients as academic units and administrative units of the university, including all faculty members and staff acting in their capacity as employees of the university who wish to use the university space for official university purposes.  Some examples of such purposes include the following:

  • Seminars, discussion groups or similar activities for university credit course offerings;
  • Official meetings or activities of Faculties and Departments or Programs;
  • Official meetings or other similar activities of faculty or staff;
  • Accredited organizations with a special or direct relationship to the university.

If you are planning an event on campus because you have a professional affiliation or membership with the association or society where there is a registration fee to attend and the finances are not being managed by UFV, this event is considered an external event and rental charges for the use of the facilities will apply.

Internal to External Client

The Use of University Space policy (132) goes on to further describe what Conference Services calls “internal to external client”. The use of facilities by employees engaged in activities outside of the scope of their employment constitutes use by an “external” group and would be subject to the same conditions for rent of university facilities as an external group. Examples of such relationships would include, but not limited to:

  • Sports associations or clubs you or your family might belong to;
  • Personal interest associations, service clubs or organizations;
  • Church affiliations.

It is important to note that any off-campus organizations will not be permitted to charge admission to any function or to collect monies from persons attending an event held in university space for which no rental fee is being paid.

External Client

An external client includes, but not limited to, persons, clubs, agencies, organizations, charities, non-profit societies, social gatherings, community groups, provincial and federal government departments and agencies, companies, and religious affiliations. Their purpose for renting university facilities can be varied, for example:

  • Corporate meetings, workshops, training, seminars, retreats;
  • Annual conferences, meetings and symposiums;
  • Special occasions, events, social gatherings.

All requests to rent university space or facilities by external groups must fall within the University’s mission and goals. The University has the right to deny the use of the facilities should they deem the request does not comply.

Event Planning Resources

Conference Services has created a few documents that will help you with the planning of your next meeting or event.

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