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The Writer’s Weekend

Cost: $380

Treat yourself to an all-inclusive writing weekend in the quiet, artistic community of Hope, B.C. Hone your craft with other writers and discover how to finish that book, get published, sell your article, start a blog, explore e-publishing, or simply take your writing to the next level. Enjoy the peaceful setting, wonderful food, great accommodations, and creative opportunities for both the early bird and the night owl.

Hope Centre

Oct 27–Oct 29 | (80044) 1 session, Fri, Sat, Sun, 7–2 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Business Writer’s Weekend

Cost: $380

Business Writer’s Weekend will jump start your writing for the workplace including an inventory current writing skills for the workplace, identifying writing skills to acquire to increase contribution to workplace, learning the basics of writing a grant, learning how to write a press release, writing activities to help promote your program or department within your organization and outside of your organization as well as learning how to use your writing skills to promote yourself and position yourself for future career growth.

Hope Centre

Oct 27–Oct 29 | (80276) 1 session, Fri, Sat, Sun, 7–2 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Poetry Process – Writing, Editing and Submitting

Cost: $150
Prerequisite: None

In this workshop we will go through the point of generating text through writing activities on different themes. We will think about what writing means, how it finds its form and the benefits of a writing practice. We will consider basic techniques of editing your own and other’s work, writing a cover letter for submission as well discuss questions around publication.

Hope Centre

Nov 11 | (80277) 1 session, Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm, $150

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register

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