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Host a Coding Bridging student

The opportunity

Are you an employer interested in hosting a senior UFV student or grad in the Coding Bridging program? This is a 5-week program where senior Computer Information Systems and Computer Science students and grads do a deep dive into many areas of computer science and get up to speed with the latest and greatest in software technologies and practices.

Students gain practical real-world experience with a local employer working on a coding project and UFV benefits with tighter relationships with local employers. Employers like you benefit by pushing a project forward with a motivated student that could be a candidate for future full-time hire, all at no cost to you except time.

Student requirements

Students are at the work site two days a week (Thur-Fri) for four weeks plus a full five days on the fifth week. Students must complete a minimum of 7 hours of work a day with the employer, for a total of 91 hours (13 days). The other days of the week students are in class for an intense program that brushes them up on the latest software development technologies. For a full list of the learning outcomes, please refer to the program information page.

Employer requirements

Employers are required to have a suitable coding project available for the student, with an appropriate mentor to manage and mentor them. There is a great deal of flexibility on what students can work on, as long as the primary focus of the project is coding. All students will have familiarity with an object-oriented programming language, either Java or C++. Many will have taken a database course and be familiar with SQL. Other languages that they may know depend on which courses they took at the upper-level, but many students will know JavaScript, Python or R.

Desk space and potentially a computer will need to be provided—though having the student bring a laptop is an option.


We do our best to match students with employers based on skills and the projects available, but students will not always know the exact preferred languages and platforms of the employer. If you have further questions, please contact or 604-851-6324.


The bridging program gave us great exposure to the ‘cream of the crop’ CIS students at UFV. We were able to bring in two students for two days a week over the 4-week program. They were excited to see what life as a software developer is like and to learn in the real world. With a little bit of mentoring from our team, they were able to productively contribute to our Kanban product. It’s been amazing to work with enthusiastic students who are abreast of the latest technologies, and we look forward to repeating this next year.

  • – Wim Kerkhoff
  •    CEO, Crafty Penguins, Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

The program was well organized and the selected student turned out to be delightful and excellent match for our Information Technology team. The work produced was very good and it definitely assisted Prospera in completing a list of coding projects that aided in achieving our department goals for Prospera. 

  • – Stacey Irwin
  •    Senior Manager Digital Banking, Prospera Credit Union

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