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Stage and Film Combat Part A
This course introduces the techniques and safety requirements needed to create the illusion of violence for stage and screen productions. This is a practical course where you will learn numerous fight techniques in unarmed combat, single sword, and quarterstaffe combat for the actor. This 21-hour course is the first of three courses where you will learn to safely execute an effective fight choreography in each weapon style. This is an excellent course for people interested in acting, choreography, and drama education and/or who want to better understand fight direction and how choreographed violence is accomplished effectively and safely in the entertainment industry.

CHILLIWACK — Canada Education Park
(20192 FA THE01 C5A) Paul Gelineau, 7 sessions, Sat, 10am - 1pm, $405. Atarts Apr 5.

Your instructor:

Paul Gélineau is one of eight certified Fight Masters in Canada and currently the Director of the Academy for Fight Directors Canada.  As
well as ‌teaching Acting and Theatre studies at UFV, he has taught stage combat masterclasses at most major theatre schools from
coast to coast. 

Maestro Gelineau is an award winning director and fight director and has choreographed violence in most major regional theatres across the country. He holds an MFA in Directing with distinction from the University of Alberta,  and is an Honorary Fight Director with the Society of American Fight Directors, and the British Academy of Dramatic Combat

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