Family Child Care

Introduction to Family Child Care
You’ve always enjoyed children and have a great deal of patience and understanding for them. Whether you’re a parent working from home or someone thinking about a career in child care, the Family Child Care (FCC) certificate program is a quick way to jump-start your career.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20216 FAM 01 A3A) Beverley Higgins, 6 sessions, Thu, 6–9:30 pm, $259. Starts Mar 13

Understanding Child Development
This course provides an overview of the development of the individual from conception through adolescence. Particular attention is paid to the psychological, emotional, physical, moral, and intellectual development from birth to age 12. This course will look at each of these areas from different theorists’ perspectives with application to the childcare setting.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20087 FAM 02 A3A) Cindy Reisig, 3 sessions, Sat, 9:30 am–4:30 pm, $259.  Starts Mar 29

Understanding Child Behaviour
This course focuses on the guidance and nurturing of young children based on an understanding of their behaviour. We will develop strategies for interpersonal communication, child management, and the fostering of positive emotional and social development of young children. We’ll explore effective ways of dealing with negative behaviour while developing strategies to encourage positive behaviour as well as preserving and encouraging children’s self-esteem.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20217 FAM 03 A3A) Darcie Yardley, 3 sessions, Sat, 9:30 am–4:30 pm, $259 Starts Apr 26

Health, Safety, and Nutrition
This course will familiarize you with the health, safety, and nutritional needs of young children. It will emphasize how family child care providers can offer a safe home environment that is consistent with the healthy growth and development of children.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20002 FAM 04 A3A) Rupinder Rajwan, 3 sessions, Sat, 9:30 am–4:30 pm, $259. Starts Jan 18

Planning Children’s Experience
This course offers family child care providers practical knowledge in planning activities in terms of materials, space requirements, and time management. The focus will be on play-based activities that promote developmentally appropriate learning so that children’s needs can be met on an individual basis.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20003 FAM 05 A3A) Cindy Reisig, 6 sessions, Thu, 6–9:30 pm, $259. Starts Jan 30

Administration and Working with Families
This course will emphasize the importance of seeing family child care in a professional manner — as a business and a career. The details of administrative procedures necessary to deal with licensing, tax planning, parent/caregiver contracts, record keeping, household management, networking, and the operation of a business, including liability insurance, will be covered.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20005 FAM 06 A3A) Rupinder Rajwan, 3 sessions, Sat, 9:30 am–4:30 pm, $259. Starts Feb 22

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