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Updated: April 16, 2020 - 1:30 pm

Winter semester 2020

UFV is preserving the current grading system to allow most students to earn a letter grade. While we encourage students to complete their courses on time, we have made some adjustments and clarifications to Winter grading. These adjustments reflect our goal to give choice to students in determining how best to complete their semester given the circumstances, while also reflecting the diverse range of program requirements at UFV.


Students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty up to May 8, 2020. A Withdraw (W) notation will appear on the permanent record, but the course will not count as an attempt for course repeat and program completion purposes.

  • For students who have not yet received a letter grade, they can withdraw from a course now through myUFV.
  • Once students have received a letter grade, the Registrar’s Office will have a simplified process to request a W. No additional approval will be required.

Academic concessions

Definition: An academic concession is an administrative process that is used when a student encounters an unexpected or extraordinary situation that prevents them from completing course requirements in the expected time.

Actions an instructor can take for students who are close, but not quite finished as the term ends:

  • Informal accommodation for a slightly later submission for work to be assessed or
  • Formal accommodation through an Incomplete Grade Contract (I grade notation) to complete the course, normally with 2 months.

Incomplete Grades are granted at the instructor’s discretion, "when a student is unable, due to extenuating circumstances, to complete all of the requirements of a course by the end of the semester and has made sufficient progress and achievement to warrant additional time for completion."

In some instances, instructors might also award an "In Progress' notation (IP). This is only awarded in extraordinary circumstances where the course work continues into the next semester and is done in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office and program Head.

Does a student need to get a doctor’s note if they are missing class for illness/if they are contagious?

As recommended by the Provincial Health Officer, the requirement of obtaining a doctor’s note to document a short term illness is suspended for students. Requiring these notes puts undue stress on the medical system.

Credit grade notation in lieu of a letter grade

Following completion of the course if a student receives any passing grade and can show that the switch to remote and virtual learning affected their results, or if they encountered other difficulties in March and April such as illness, they may petition for a Credit (CR) instead of an earned grade. This process will be facilitated through the Registrar’s Office towards the end of the semester and will require approval of the Dean’s Office. Further details on how to petition for a CR instead of a letter grade will be released soon.

Note: The Aegrotat standing (AEG grade notation) is still available. The AEG is a compassionate pass, approved by the Dean, based on satisfactory term marks when a student is unable to complete a course due to serious, documented extenuating circumstances.


Refunds for courses dropped after the switch to remote and virtual learning will not normally be considered. However, students encountering extraordinary circumstances may use the Late Withdrawal Appeal process through the Registrars’ Office, presenting supporting documentation, to request a partial tuition refund.

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