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Eight ways UFV plans to keep you safe
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Page updated: April 08, 2021, 12 noon.

The University of the Fraser Valley is committed to three key themes for your safe return to university in September.

  • Health — your health and safety are UFV’s number one priority
  • Quality — you will receive an excellent education regardless of delivery method or model
  • Certainty — you will have certainty about how education and services will be delivered

To keep these promises, we’ve made some changes. We're asking you to read the following online guide carefully before you come to campus, so you will know what to before you come to campus, when you arrive on campus, and if you become sick while you're here.

Do you need to come to campus?

Nearly all your learning will take place online. You’ll also be able to access many learning supports and services at a distance. For example, your instructor may set up online office hours, or you could connect with a peer tutor via video call. See the UFV Online website to learn more about how online learning will look.

It might be necessary for you to be on a UFV campus if:

  • You’re in a course that requires a face-to-face component, such as a lab.
  • You need additional learning support or to access a service.
  • You have an on-campus practicum or job.
  • You need more resources to help with your online learning (a safe study space, stable internet connection, digital tools, etc.)

Before you come to campus

Watch this video

It will give you a great preview of some of the key changes you'll experience on campus as well as the guidelines you'll be asked to follow.

Monitor your health

Monitor your health by completing the daily self-assessment health check prior to entering the campus. If you have any of the symptoms or potential exposures listed on the health check, stay home and do not enter the campus.

If you're sick and you’re scheduled to be in a face-to-face learning activity, submit this Student declaration of absence form to your instructor within 48 hours and work together on a plan for how you can make up the class, lab, or activity.

Pre-book your visit

First, check the ‘Status of Services and Events’ page to see what’s open and the best way to get in touch with university team-members. If possible, make an appointment to avoid a long wait or crowded spaces.

Complete your COVID-19 Safety Orientation

We’ve prepared an online training module to help you become familiar with the new safety protocols at UFV. After you’ve finished the training and submitted your quiz, you’ll receive a completion certificate. Please print your certificate and keep it.

To access the COVID-19 safety orientation:

  • Log into with your student number
  • Click the ‘Courses’ tab on the top right
  • Put ‘COVID-19’ in the ‘Course Search’ box
  • Choose the ‘COVID-19 Safety Orientation for Students’ course
  • Click +Enroll

 Go to MyClass

 If you have difficulty accessing the training, see the Safety orientation for students how-to guide.

When you arrive on campus

Leave your name & contact info

You may be asked to sign in when you access a room or learning space. This is to allow for contact tracing if another student or employee is diagnosed with COVID-19. Your information will be kept in a private record for at least two weeks.

Keep your visit short

Many of us are looking forward to the day when we can learn, engage, and socialize with each other on campus again. Until that’s possible, please come to campus only if necessary and leave again as soon as your class or activity is finished. It’s important to keep the number of people on campus as low as possible. (And remember that student services and activities are still available at a distance.)

If you become sick while you're on campus

If you start to develop symptoms such as cough or fever, leave campus right away. ‎If you’re in a class or lab, please let your instructor know about your symptoms. If you’re feeling too sick to get home on your own, you can request first aid assistance by calling security at 1-855-239-7654.

Once home, use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool or call 8-1-1 to find out if you need further assessment for COVID-19 testing and follow any instructions you receive from public health officials.

If you test positive for COVID-19, it’s very important that you inform Student Affairs at and Risk & Safety at

For more info on how a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus will be handled, please see the confirmed case on campus guideline.

Thank you for cooperating fully with these guidelines. Please be aware a non-compliance process has been developed to ensure everyone does their part to keep our campuses safe.

Press play on your education

Keep learning with UFV Online and join our welcoming and supportive online community. We are here to help you make the most out of your online studies.

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