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Money matters

We know that this is a challenging time for students as you feel the economic impacts of COVID-19. The information below outlines financial supports available at UFV and through the provincial/federal governments, as well as resources to assist you during these uncertain times.

Tuition fees, registration dates, and refunds

Explanation of tuition and fees

With most courses going online for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, you might be wondering whether tuition will change. Tuition and most fees will remain unadjusted. Tuition and fees provide resources that ensure UFV is able to continue teaching and offering support services to you and to other students.

In response to student questions about their fees, UFV would like to offer additional information in the hope that it will provide greater clarity to you around the use of fees.

Currently, students pay two UFV fees in addition to their tuition: the Experiential Learning & Wellness Fee (ELW) and the Ancillary fee. While UFV collects the fees for our three student societies – the Student Union Society, the Cascade Journalism Society, and UFV Campus and Community Radio – UFV has no control over these fees.

Student fees contribute to a range of supports, services, and programming. UFV also invests significantly in the following areas.

The Experiential Learning & Wellness (ELW): 2% of tuition

In 2016, the UFV Board of Governors approved a new fee: the Experiential Learning & Wellness Fee. Then Board Chair, Barry Delaney, stated the following: “At the core of this decision is our desire to support students. It is our understanding and expectation that the funding from this fee will directly benefit students through the creation of new services and programs.

Funds collected from the ELW go towards a range of programming, services, and supports for students. All of the services listed below continue to be available during the pandemic. Check the Status of campus facilities and services page for contact information and current hours of operation.

Some services have been expanded. For example:

  • The ASC and the PRLC are offering extended hours of support for students.
  • The ASC has developed supports specific to online learning.
  • The PRLC has added an after-hours support line for students.
  • Campus Recreation has a full slate of online resources available to students, including fitness challenges, on-demand fitness classes via Blackboard, and other videos and resources to promote wellness.
  • The Centre for Experiential and Career Education (CECE) continues to support students in finding opportunities to gain experience in our community, offering many virtual options so students can meet their academic and professional goals.

Ancillary Fees: 10% of tuition

Unlike some other institutions, UFV has one blanket Ancillary fee. This fee is divided out across various areas of the institution which provide supports and services for students. The blanket fee also has the advantage that, during a crisis like COVID, we can shift the resources to the areas of greatest need.

Typically, our Ancillary Fee goes towards Library Acquisitions and Services, IT Services, Athletics, a range of student activities, and capital projects (building and renovation projects) related to student spaces. This includes print and electronic resources and supports for students in the Library; the IT Service Help Desk, as well as licensing and software for student learning; and student activities offered by our Student Life team (whether virtual or face-to-face).

New supports and tools

During the pandemic, we made the decision to re-allocate some of those funds to areas of higher need and to grow offerings and supports. This means, for example, that no funds went to Athletics for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Instead, those funds were re-allocated to the other high-need areas.

This included:

  • The addition of the Select and Collect Service offered by the UFV Library;
  • The addition of significant resources for online learning and IT needs, including:
    • Zoom licensing for the entire UFV community;
    • New tools in Blackboard, such as Blackboard Ally, to improve the student experience and enhance accessibility for all students;
    • A queuing system for the IT Service Help Desk which has resulted in more timely and efficient service for students;
    • An investment in bringing Microsoft 365 to students, including Outlook, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive (in Canada), and more, with an anticipated launch date of April 2021;
    • Extended Wi-Fi capability to ensure available access in UFV parking lots; and
    • Establishing remote connectivity to all UFV student labs, meaning that students can access needed software for their programs, such as NVivo, without having to come to campus.
  • A significant investment in our Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) team to support faculty development of online courses and quality education, including the addition of four Learning Design Specialists; and
  • The addition, for Fall and Winter term, of additional study spaces on campus for students, including related increases in cleaning.

As noted above, student fees did not cover the cost of all of these initiatives; UFV invested significant operating budget in all of the above projects with support also coming from student fees.

Although the upcoming semesters will be different, you will receive the same quality of education, regardless of the delivery model. Visit the UFV Online web hub to access a growing collection of tools, resources, and online events that are being developed to support your online learning.

Winter 2021 registration and withdrawal dates

Mid-November (date to be determined) Registration opens
Jan 5 Last day to drop courses and get 100% refund.
Jan 6-13 5% of tuition withheld for any dropped courses or sections.
Jan 14-21 10% of tuition withheld for any dropped courses or sections.
Jan 21 Last day to withdraw from a course and get a fee reduction or refund.

For a full list of important registration dates, visit the Dates and deadlines page.

Deadlines and payment options

The tuition fee payment deadline is Thursday, January 21, 2021 for the winter 2021 semester.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of the Registrar is providing services online or by phone only; in-person services are currently unavailable. Tuition payments can be made through online banking. More information on how to pay is available on the registration website.


Domestic students
The COVID-19 pandemic may cause unanticipated challenges related to your health, family care, or work. UFV is committed to being as flexible as possible. If you need to withdraw from a course because of pandemic-related reasons, use the Appeal for Late Withdrawal form to request your partial tuition refund. You will need to indicate which courses you are withdrawing from and provide supporting documentation. For more information on the refund process, visit the Withdrawals and refunds section of the registration website.

International students
UFV is changing refund policies to support international students during COVID-19. If your study permit has been delayed due to the pandemic, you may be eligible to receive a refund of up to 90% of your tuition and fees. Please visit the UFV International Tuition refunds & rules page, where they will post the new policies as soon as they are fully approved.

We hope that these options will relieve the anxiety that you may be experiencing during this time. If you have questions please contact

Financial aid

UFV Student Emergency Fund

This fund is available to assist students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are beyond their control and prevent them from reaching their educational goals. Visit the UFV Financial Aid for information on how to apply.

BC Student Emergency Assistance Funding

A one-time emergency financial assistance for BC students who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Visit BC Student Emergency Assistance Funding page for complete details and to download the application form.


StudentAid BC is providing emergency financial assistance, adapting policy, and simplifiying processes to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit StudentAidBC for information about available financial support.

Community support

Get a gift card for basic necessities

Although UFV-SUS food bank physical space is closed until further notice, you may request a gift card for groceries and essential toiletries purchase.

Request a grocery gift card

Employment and career development

Career coaching appointment

During these uncertain times, hiring has slowed to a crawl and you may be looking for assistance with your job search. UFV Careers Centre is still offering plenty of job opportunities that you can access through CareerLink. You can also use your downtime to book a career coaching appointment and brush up on your interview skills and résumé preparation.

Co-operative Education information webinars

Co-operative Education (Co-op) combines academic studies with paid work experience in a career-related field. Academic semesters alternate with work terms, giving you up to two years of relevant work experience. Attend an online information webinar session and find out more about co-operative education. If you have any questions regarding the Co-op program, please email or visit the Co-op webpage.

Job and Work-Study opportunities

Students who are looking for employment can browse job postings via CareerLink as new jobs are still being added regularly. The Work-Study program is running as usual and work study positions are also being posted to CareerLink. If you have any questions or if you are looking for support, please email

Career Resources

There are a number of Career Resources available for students including handouts on resume and cover letter writing, interview guidelines, job search tips, and more.


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