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School of Creative Arts

Frequently asked questions

The School of Creative Arts (SoCA) is a new entity created by combining the Art History, Media Arts, Theatre, and Visual Arts departments.

SoCA exists now! 

The Art History, Media Arts, Theatre, and Visual Arts departments will be combined to form the School of Creative Arts.

All program requirements (majors, extended minors, minors, concentrations) and degrees (bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of media arts) will continue. Please refer to the UFV Academic Calendar for details.

SoCA will continue to use existing classrooms and buildings on the Abbotsford campus.

The Theatre, Visual Arts, and Media Arts programs share an emphasis on experiential learning and preparing students for careers valuing flexibility, innovation, and creative problem-solving. SoCA was created to bring similarly minded students, faculty, and staff together, pool resources, and increase opportunities for dynamic interdisciplinary and collaborative learning, inside and outside of the classroom.

There will be a public launch party on September 27, 2019, to coincide with Culture Days. Watch this space for more details about this exciting event.

No, the decision to create SoCA was not based on funding issues or financial considerations. SoCA is based on pedagogical and creative commonalities that will increase collaboration between areas in the creative arts.

By combining digital technologies and media with traditional arts practice and performance, SoCA positions UFV as a cultural hub and centre of creative innovation in the Fraser Valley.

SoCA remains part of the College of Arts, with a director of the school reporting to the dean of the faculty. An announcement about the director will be made shortly.

Students still apply to the specific program for which they would like to be considered for admission:

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