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Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson, MA

Wardrobe Manager


Abbotsford campus, D113

Phone: 604 504 7441 ext.4418

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Heather has worked for UFV over 20 years as the Wardrobe Manager. Over the years she has built, acquired, cared for, and stored UFV’s inventory of costumes, accessories and materials. Heather has completed many Theatre design projects in for professional and community Theatre companies. Heather and her teams have been acknowledged with awards for some of those projects.

Students often ask how you get to do that type of job, to which Heather responds, “be curious, ask how some-thing is or was made and experiment. Do not concern yourself with failure, Heather fails a lot. Sometimes she even curses and casts the situation aside. Be persistent. Pick up that failure and learn what was right and what did not work. Take that learning and build it again, better”.

Areas of specialization:Theatre Production


BA, Simon Fraser University

MA, Central Washington University

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