School of Creative Arts


See below for a listing of the staff in the School of Creative Arts.

Michael Barker

Mac Lab Technician

Creative Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1104

Phone: 604-504-7441, EXT. 4323

email Michael

Jennifer Chew

Visual Resources and Communications Specialist

Visual Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1402C

Phone: 604-504-7441, Ext. 4793, Voice Mail 4793

email Jennifer

Anoop  Dhaliwal

Digital Media Technician

Visual Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1402h

Phone: 604.504.7441 EXT. 4424

email Anoop

Alex  Duff

Photo and Media Technician

Visual Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1060

Phone: 604-504-7441, Ext. 4232, Voice Mail 4232

email Alex

Leigh Kerr

Production Coordinator


Abbotsford campus,  D118B

Phone: 1-604-792-0025 ext. 4858

email Leigh

Tery Kozma

Events & Committee Assistant

Abbotsford campus, C1402h

Phone: 604-854-4543

email Tery

Andrea  Van Schubert

Print Media/3D Technician

Visual Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1130

Phone: 604-504-7441, Ext. 4438

email Andrea

Mark Sutherland

Theatre Technician


Abbotsford campus, D101

Phone: 1-604-792-0025 ext. 4843

email Mark

Pat  Taddy

Studio Technician

Visual Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1052

Phone: 604-504-7441, Ext. 4385

email Pat

Heather Robertson, MA

Wardrobe Manager


Abbotsford campus, D113

Phone: 1-604-792-0025 ext. 4840

email Heather

Jordan Zimmermann

Department Assistant; School of Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1402c

Phone: 604-792-0025 ext. 4857

email Jordan

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