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Information is now updated on the SoCA website with new details about face-to-face instruction, materials kits for Visual Arts and Theatre courses, and pre-booking access to SoCA spaces and equipment for students enrolled in online courses.

Almost all classes in the School of Creative Arts are being offered in a fully online format in fall 2020, with a handful of courses utilizing blended instruction (both online and face-to-face instruction), these are: VA 231, VA 283, VA 351, and VA 383.

We do not yet have any concrete updates about winter 2021 classes, but at this time, we anticipate that we will continue to offer most of our courses online in winter and that we will only offer courses on campus when face-to-face delivery is essential to delivering course learning outcomes.


Face-to-face classes 

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Online class information

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Space access and equipment 

Find out about potential access to spaces and equipment.

Materials kits

See info about material kits that will be available in the UFV bookstore.

COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

Read about SoCA's COVID-19 protocols and procedures.

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