School of Creative Arts

Space access and equipment

Pre-booked student access to spaces and equipment

Students enrolled in classes with face-to-face components will have access to studios and equipment rentals that are necessary for them to complete their courses. Students in VA 331 will be granted access to studios and equipment based on the requirements of their projects. Students in VA 351 will have access to C1120, following the guidelines below.

C building is undergoing renovations in summer and early fall 2020 (in areas around C1050), so equipment rentals will only begin once renovations are complete. D building will be undergoing renovations throughout fall 2020, so there will be no student access to spaces or equipment in D building at all.

The School of Creative Arts will be providing pre-booked access to some spaces in C building and SoCA equipment for students enrolled in some online classes.

Access to spaces and equipment will be limited to students who:

  • Require a particular course to complete their program; students who are taking courses as electives are expected to meet the computing/equipment requirements for their course as outlined in the timetable or should plan to take the course later in their studies,
  • And discuss their needs with the instructor and have instructor approval to access spaces or equipment.

We will provide access to SoCA spaces/equipment to students in the following online courses:

  • MEDA 100, MEDA 222, MEDA 260, MEDA 401: Mac lab, equipment rentals
  • VA 160, VA 180, VA 271, VA 280: Mac lab, equipment rentals
  • VA 402: studio spaces, based on student projects and needs, following discussion between students and course instructor, and individual studio-cubicles in C1043 and C1031, if requested by students.

Booking procedures:

  • Students will need to email their instructor to request access to the Mac lab, other studio spaces, or equipment rentals. There will be no drop-in access to spaces or for equipment rentals.
  • Students must complete the COVID-19 Safety Orientation for Students on Blackboard and email an image of their certificate to their instructor.
  • Instructors will only approve requests for students who require the course to graduate and who do not have access to software/equipment on their own. Instructors can check with the School Director or Advising to verify requests.
  • Students will need to book times in SoCA spaces using the Booking labs website. Students will receive login credentials for the website after their instructor has approved their request.
  • Equipment rentals will need to be booked in advance.

In order to access spaces on campus, students will need to:

  • Review space-specific orientation guidelines, which will be posted on the SoCA website and will be provided to them when their request to access spaces/equipment is approved.
  • Self-assess for symptoms of COVID-19 and stay home from campus if experiencing any symptoms.
  • Follow current guidelines on wearing masks in public spaces while in C building.
  • Observe all directional markings on the floors in C building and wait in designated areas outside studios/labs, as marked.
  • Sanitize hands upon entering spaces, after touching common surfaces, and when leaving spaces.
  • Observe physical distancing in all workspaces and working only at marked workstations/work areas.

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