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Condensed Undergraduate Block Experience (CUBE)

Condensed Undergraduate Block Experience (CUBE)

Registration for Condensed Undergraduate Block Experience (CUBE) courses is closed for fall 2020 semester.
Check back in the summer for fall 2021 updates and registration details.

Eager to get started on your university education?

Take a Condensed Undergraduate Block Experience (CUBE) course from August 31 to September 11, 2020 to accelerate your studies and develop your academic skills before the start of the fall semester.

CUBE courses are regular UFV courses that are taught online in an intensive format over a short period of time. Due to the condensed nature of the courses, they may be structured differently in terms of assignment types and class time use; however, they still offer lots of interactions and skill-building opportunities.

CUBE courses count towards full and part-time status for the winter semester and give you the opportunity to take additional courses in the regular semester or to lighten your course schedule, depending on your needs.


Four reasons to take a condensed block course

  1. You obtain three credits for a course in as little as 12 days (from August 31 to September 11). 
  2. You focus on one class at a time resulting in a more immersive and intense learning experience.
  3. You immerse yourself into a single course material without having to juggle multiple assignments and midterms in different courses.
  4. You work closely with professors in a supportive environment.


CUBE courses

UNIV 101: University 101 — Online learning in the age of COVID

This course offers an introduction to university studies. You will become familiar with the supports and programs offered at UFV through the completion of a project, group work, and guest speaker events.

  • CRN: 94544
  • Delivery format: Online with scheduled meeting times

UNIV 101 is a popular course and we expect it to be full by July 6, 2020. If you are interested, please register as soon as you are eligible to do so.

Bonus: Join Student Life's Smart Start online orientation on August 20 to earn 25% of your grade before the course even begins. Smart Start is a non-credit online orientation course that's designed to help you navigate all things UFV and prepare you for a rich university experience.

BIO 420II: Special topics in biology — Methods in Science Communication

This brand new 3-credit course allows you to gain a great understanding of the methodologies for effectively communicating science on various media platforms. In today’s world of pseudoscience and misinformation, a great need exists for real scientists to ramp up their skills of charismatic storytelling. This course will cover the basics of several media channels and the best ways to translate and deliver scientific information.

  • CRN: 94539 
  • Delivery format: Online with scheduled meeting times

GEOG 240: World Regional Geography

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the regional geography of a major world region. Subject matter will be drawn from physical and human geography, with an emphasis placed on human-environment interactions, and the development of distinct cultural, economic, and social landscapes.

  • CRN: 94540
  • Delivery format: Online. No scheduled meeting times

KIN 499G: Special Topics in Kinesiology — Advanced Leadership and Coaching

In this course, you'll explore leadership and coaching from a unique perspective of research and scholarship in kinesiology. 

  • CRN: 94541
  • Delivery format: Online with scheduled meeting times

MATH 125: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

This course provides an introduction to basic techniques in discrete mathematics, including methods of counting, recursion, and formal logic. The focus of the course will be on formulating problems into mathematical models and on methods applicable to the analysis of these models.

  • CRN: 94542
  • Delivery format: Online with scheduled meeting times

SOC 280: Health and Illness

This course explores how social conditions, perceptions, and behaviors affect health and the treatment of health and illness. Topics to be covered may include: conceptualization of the body, health, and illness; the structure of the Canadian health care system and the implications of this for health; differences in health, illness, and healthcare by social class, race/ethnicity, and gender; environmental links to health; alternative approaches to healthcare; health and illness over the lifecourse; the politics of pharmaceuticals; and health care in a cross-cultural context. 

  • CRN: 94543
  • Delivery format: Online. No scheduled meeting times


How to register for CUBE courses

Register online for any of the block courses through myUFV. You will need to include the CRN of the course to submit your registration request.

Not sure how to register? Follow the course registration step-by-step guide.


Questions about CUBE? 

Contact the Office of the Registrar.

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