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Online NSO

Open to new-to-UFV students, the Online New Student Orientation supplements in-person orientation events and activities held before the start of each semester. The objective of this program is to offer students information that is relevant, timely, and engaging in the online environment that they will use during their studies at UFV. The first module of Online New Student Orientation can be found here, and the 2nd and 3rd modules will be released on Blackboard at a later date.

The Online NSO is divided into three modules:

  • Pre-registration information (course selection, online registration)
  • Start of semester preparations (academic expectations, campus resources, campus engagement, start-of-semester check list)
  • Mid-semester check-in (personal wellness, sexualized violence prevention education)

 Students must be admitted to UFV to have access to the Online NSO. 

Stay tuned- Module 2 will be released in early August!

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