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Current Students

Information for parents & supporters

We are looking forward to welcoming the student in your life to UFV, and want to reassure you that we are committed to supporting our students as they prepare for their UFV journey.

Parents and supporters (guardians, friends, family members, partners, or spouses) can play an important part in students' educational journey and their success. Take a look at our suggestions below for ways you can support the UFV student in your life.

Encourage new students to participate in online orientation events

UFV offers a series of events and activities to help new students start their post-secondary journey off strong. Students will learn important information about how to succeed at university, and will have opportunities to connect with current students, faculty, and staff.

Sign up for UFV Alert

Stay informed of weather closures, power outages, or emergency situations by subscribing to UFV Alert.

Encourage your student to take an active role in their post-secondary education

Under BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privavy Act (FIPPA), UFV is not permitted to disclose any student information to parents, guardians, family members, etc. without the student’s consent. If you contact UFV on a student’s behalf, we will only be able to answer very general questions about processes or services. For specific questions or concerns, students are required to contact the relevant UFV department themselves.

Read more about FIPPA

Sign up for a course planning session

Starting in Fall 2024? Learn about course selection for your 1st semester, how to use the timetable to build your schedule, and how to access important resources.

Attend a session