How to Host an Event on Campus

NOTE: To access the service offered below, requesters must have a page populated on myCampusLife. If you have not yet registered your organization with Student Union Society, please register on the SUS website.

Sumbitting an event on myCampusLife as a student organization:

  1. Log in to myCampusLife
  2. Go to your organization page
  3. Click on the EVENTS tab
  4. Complete the form in its entirety
  5. Click SUBMIT - the form is electronically submitted to the Student Life & Development office
    Note: Your form will be reviewed within one week. You may be contacted through the system or via email to request more information or a meeting to discuss your event.

Things to consider:

Are you serving food at your event?

Depending on the type of event or meeting and whether or not your event is open to the public there are different scenarios for serving food on campus.

  1. Your event/meeting is only open to your club/association members - If this is the case you are allowed to serve food that follows the UFV guidelines for events involving food. The provision of food supplied by an external vendor (other than Dana Catering or the Canoe), must be approved by the Office of Student Life & Development.
  2. Your event/meeting is open to the public - If your event/meeting is open to the general public, Fraser Health requires you to obtain a temporary food permit. This is obtained through the Fraser Health website. If you require assistance completing this form please contact the Manager, Student Wellness and Development. This form must be submitted directly to Fraser Health and has no cost associated.
    NOTE: If you are using Dana or the Canoe for your catering then you will not need to apply for a permit as your event will be covered under their food license.

Will your event be promoting an outside organization or will it have a guest speaker from an outside organization?                                                        

Any student event that is requesting to have an outside organization on campus must first gain approval from the Director, Student Life & Development to ensure that they are within our University policies. External organizations wishing to gain access to UFV facilities should contact Conference Services.

Are you requesting to serve alcohol at your event?

All events that are requesting to serve alcohol will require approval from the Office of the VP Students. Please review and complete the Policy 15 form and submit it to the Director of Student Life & Development.

Still have questions? Contact Us!

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Manager, Student Wellness & Development

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