Documentation requirements

Register with the Disability Resource Centre

To receive accommodations at the University of the Fraser Valley, students with disabilities must register with the Disability Resource Centre. Documentation of a disability is a crucial step to being registered with the Disability Resource Centre. Please contact a Disability Advisor to discuss documentation requirements and to get answers to any questions that you may have.

Documentation must come from a specialist in the particular field and include:

  1. Specific diagnosis
  2. Description of the severity of the disability
  3. A statement regarding the educational impact of the disability

In most cases, the documentation must be no more than 3 years old. Psycho-Educational Assessments as documentation of a learning disability are generally considered vaild for a period of 5 years.

If it is your first time registering with DRC, please be sure to speak with a disability advisor at least two months in advance of attending UFV. This will enable us to examine your documentation, create an individualized accommodation plan, contact your instructors, and put into place any technology needs you may have.

Students with a learning disability

The Ministry of Advanced Education has deemed that students with a learning disability must provide a psycho-educational assessment that is no more than 5 years old. This assessment must be done by a registered psychologist or a certified school psychologist in the Province of British Columbia. Only the standard of a learning disability that is listed in the DSM-IV is considered acceptable and accommodatable.

This is often a key consideration for incoming students with learning disabilities entering post-secondary education in British Columbia for the first time as the standard of recognition of a learning disability is different from the K-12 system and the post-secondary level. Please contact a Disability Advisor for more information on the documentation requirements for a student with a learning disability.

If appropriate documentation is not available, the Disability Resource Centre may give accommodation for one semester only, pending receipt of suitable documents.

Students with physical and mental health disabilities

Documentation for physical and mental health disabilities can be provided by an appropriate practitioner in the field. This documentation of disability can be completed by a family doctor or specialist in the area (for example, psychiatrist).

Acceptable documentation of disability must include:

  • The documentation must be less than 5 years old
  • Clearly state the specific diagnosed disability
  • Must indicate the educational impact of the condition on your studies
  • Medical assessor must clearly indicate how your disability impacts you on a daily basis
  • Must contain a statement indicating the condition as a long-term disability*
  • Must contain a signature from the certifying professional

* Short-term injury may qualify for accommodations on a semester-by-semester basis.

Specialized documentation for medication needs

Should a student require the use of medical marijuana on campus and to potentially allow for its use during accommodated testing, certain documents must be presented to the Disability Resource Centre to enable this.

The student should present to the Disability Resource Centre several key documents:

  • Verification of a disabling condition that impacts education
  • Signed letter from a physician authorizing the use of the product
  • Verification of the approved method of consumption from the physician
  • Photo ID that confirms you are the individual mentioned in the above documents
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