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Where do I email my exams?

Email your exams to drc_exams@ufv.ca.

How many students are registered with the Disability Resource Centre?

There are more than 800 students with disabilities at UFV registered with the Disability Resource Centre. These would include students with physical, mental health and learning disabilities. The Disability Resource Centre also helps students with temporary disabilities(for example, a broken wrist).

What does an instructor do once they receive an introductory email listing an accommodation of a student who is eligible for the use of a note-taker for classes?

The instructor is responsible to make an announcement in class to locate a volunteer note-taker.  Please see the introductory email listing this accommodation to know how to best announce the request.

How does the Disability Resource Centre decide on accommodations for students with disabilities?

Students must present documentation to us from a professional (M.D., psychiatrist, psychologist, etc) who is qualified to make an assessment of the particular condition and its ramifications. The Ministry of Advanced Education has deemed that students with a learning disability must provide a psycho-educational assessment. This assessment must be done by a registered psychologist or a certified school psychologist. Only the standard of a learning disability that is listed in the DSM-IV(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is considered acceptable.

The Disability Resource Centre then matches the condition(s) with the prescribed accommodations that are supplied to us each year by the Ministry of Advanced Education and the Disability Support Services – Articulation Committee. Students are consulted throughout the process to help determine if the accommodations can provide the level playing field that we are trying to achieve.

Do accommodations give students with a disability an unfair advantage?

No. Accommodations are based on the nature of the disability and the academic environment. The purpose is to provide the student with an environment to obtain information and demonstrate mastery by minimizing or eliminating the impact of the disability. Accommodations are to level the playing field, not provide an advantage.

I received Exam Accommodation Request form, what do I do with this?

This form allows students with disabilities to receive their test-related accommodations through our office. If you receive a form, please complete the form and give the completed form back to the student to bring to our office. It is important to fill in all parts of the form that apply to instructors. These forms allow for room scheduling and staffing needed to be put in place. With more than 800 students registered with the Disability Resource Centre, this can be a complicated and time consuming process.

How does the Disability Resource Centre receive a copy of the test or exam?

Upon receiving the Exam Accommodation Request form from the student, the instructor can deliver the exam to the appropriate Disability Resource Centre office via email, intercampus mail, or place a copy in the lock boxes available at Faculty Reception. Ideally, our office would prefer to have a copy of the exam available no later than the day preceding the scheduled date of the quiz or exam.

I've been debating about what book I want to use for my class, but the Disability Resource Centre keeps asking me to select a book ASAP. Why?

Students who are print impaired have a legal right to equal access to their textbooks or any instruction as their peers. They need to be able to listen to taped or scanned textbooks at the same time as others in the class. By delaying the selection of textbooks, the student may not be able to get books in an appropriate format in a timely fashion. The process of converting texts to alternate format can take as long as 3 months. This means that students may have to start the semester without access to their textbooks. None of us want to contribute to a student getting behind or failing a class.

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