CYC Courses
ECE Courses
Welcome to the ECE / CYC department at UFV For a career in Early Childhood Education or Child and Youth Care.  Look here! We share a common passion for work with children, youth, families and communities striving to bring this passion into the classroom.  Each program offers courses designed to prepare students to work with a specific population. We offer a variety of certificate, diploma and degree options in the following five areas: 1. Family Child Care certificate 2. Early Childhood Education certificate 3. Diploma in Special Needs  4. Diploma in Infancy 5. Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care

Each of our programs has transfer credit within our department and other public post-secondary programs. This allows students to ladder into higher academic levels to continue their education.  Read about Elza H., a student who has used the laddering approach to her own credential. Career opportunities span a range of work settings and areas of practice, including:

  • Early child care and education centres
  • Infant/toddler care
  • Special needs support
  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Hospital programs
  • Youth justice
  • Parent education
  • Family support services
  • Recreation
  • Community-based
  • Early intervention
  • Mental health
  • Child welfare and child protection

To ensure we maintain close links to the professional community, our department is supported by an External Advisory Committee that reflects the diverse areas of practice in the field. In addition, our faculty are closely involved with a number of collaborative community activities. It is anticipated that as the needs of practitioners in the field change, and regions endeavor to provide services in new ways, the Early Childhood Education/Child and Youth Care department will strive to provide programs responsive to those needs. The potential for new and exciting programs and post graduate courses will be explored to keep pace with this growing field.

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