CYC 310 Practicum

You will find several resources here and they are all available by clicking on them below.  They are displayed in three sections:

Section 1: Downloads You Need

The first task for students is to download and print a copy of the CYC 310 Field Guide.  You will need this for the Seminar class on the first night.  This very important document will help you understand the many jobs you need to do as requirements of the practicum course.You do not need the Timesheet right away, but if you want to download and print it, you will need it eventually.

CYC 310 Field Guide (Required)

Download Timesheet

Section 2: Getting the Practicum Started

Students should complete the Initial Student Placement Questionnaire.  This is an online form and will be sent to faculty when you press the submit button.Once you have filled out and submitted the Questionnaire, we will have a better idea of where to place you for your practicum.  You will find out about your placement during one of the early practicum seminar classes which are scheduled according to the information in the UFV Timetable.

Section 3: Student Evaluation

The schedule for submission of these forms is normally as follows:

  • Mid-Point Evaluation -- Late November/Early December
  • Final Evaluation -- Late March

The exact dates these are due will be specified in the student's course outline which they will receive in practicum seminar.  Students are responsible for ensuring the evaluations are done on time.

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