This is the student evaluation completed by Practicum Site Supervisors twice during the CYC 410 Practicum placement.  Below you will see questions regarding the five skill clusters as defined in the Practicum Field Guide.  Each skill cluster has a number of competencies that students are expected to demonstrate in this practicum. 

Field Supervisors are asked to make an assessment of the student's ability at this point in time.  You are not assigning a grade; that is the responsibility of the course faculty at the end of the practicum.  You are asked to provide a rating of the student's skills in each area according to the scale defined below:

N/A:  not applicable or not enough information to form an assessment
1:  Far below expectations - needs improvment; a concern
2:  Below expectations - needs some improvement to meet basic entry level competency
3:  Acceptable - meets standard at average level; basic competency
4:  Above expectations - performs above average level; consistently competent
5:  Far above expectations - a definite strength; outstanding level of competency

Please note as well, below each group of skills, there is a request for your written comments in that skill cluster.  Please provide as much meaningful comment as possible about the student's skills in that cluster.

Also, before you send the final submission to UCFV, you will be given a submission preview.  This is your opportunity check for accuracy and to print a copy for yourself.
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