Orientation Date for ECE and CYC

ECE Certificate Program


The ECE Cert Program starts every Fall.    The even numbered year i.e. 2020 starts in Chilliwack and the odd numbered year i.e. 2021 starts in Abbotsford.

The orientation for this year was on March 15th, 2018.    if you have missed it, it is suggested that you review the  ECE Welcome Package and send in the last two pages after you have printed, completed and signed them.    You can email them as attachments to:   cyfsinfo@ufv.ca and Admissions@ufv.ca

Once you have sent the 2 forms this will show that you have met the orientation requirement for this program.


The deadline to apply is March 31st so apply as soon as possible.  This year in 2018 we have extended the application date to May 31st.  

Also, make sure you have the English requirement listed on the checklist.  

This orientation is a requirement for all students who have applied for the ECE Certificate Program and want to be admitted. You are required to attend or completed the Welcome Package.  

For those who have applied before the orientation date, an invitation will be sent to you. Please make sure that your contact information is current on your student record. 

This orientation meeting is for individuals to find out more about the ECE program.   Everyone is welcome!

Whether you just want to find out more before you apply, or you have applied and the orientation is the next step in the process.  

Please submit the Letter of Intent, ECE Admission Questionnaire,  Medical Endorsement form by email as attachments to admissions@ufv.ca

If you don't have a scanner, just take a photo with your phone (making sure it is legible) and send to:  admissions@ufv.ca

Make sure you keep a copy of your submissions in case they are not received or get lost.



BA in CYC Program‌

The last orientation was scheduled on March 14, 2018. 

If you cannot make the orientation or live to far away to attend, then download the BACYC Welcome Package

The orientation is at the Abbotsford Campus. It is offered once a year on a March evening.  It is set by the department in January and sent to the applicants about a month before the date. You can also check the date here after January or the end of January.

  • If you have applied, this orientation is a requirement. If you cannot attend please view the 'BACYC Welcome Package" listed above.
  • Submit the last two pages of the Welcome Package and send as an attachment after you have printed, completed, signed and scanned or take a photo of it with your cell phone to:     Admissions@ufv.ca  and  cyfsinfo@ufv.ca
  • If you have not applied you are ‌‌welcomed to attend, you can take a friend along.

This orientation meeting is for individuals to find out more about the CYC program. So everyone is welcome. Whether you just want to find out more before you apply, or you have applied, the orientation is the next step in the process.

We do not have interviews for the BACYC, and we ask each applicant to complete a questionnaire in lieu of the interview.

Please submit your Letter of Intent (and order your "Official" transcripts from another institution only if you have attended before you started at UFV),your questionnaire, 2 reference letters and resume to admissions@ufv.ca. You can look up the entrance requirements in the UFV calendar or on our website at www.ufv.ca/cyfs

If you cannot attend the orientation because you live too far away, or you work or have class on that night, then you can download the Welcome Package see above.




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