Behaviour change results 2010 to now: 

We are at a stage now in our overall energy management program that we can share a snapshot of the results from the behaviour change activities. Your work has made a difference! Since behaviour is not sub-metered like some mechanical or electrical equipment, the savings are calculated through process of elimination. First, all of the energy savings from the implemented technical projects are subtracted from the total energy savings, then we add a healthy margin to account for additional operational changes that have been made, and finally the remainder gives us an estimate of the savings from UFV's behaviour change campaigns:

• Approximately 20% of the total energy savings in the past 2 years at the Abbotsford campus can be attributed to behavioural change.
• This is equivalent to electrical savings of 200,000 kWh/year, or turning off the lights in 100 classrooms each night for an entire year!

This is a great result and we should all be proud! Looking towards next year, we still have a ways to go to maintain this number and to reach our energy reduction target. With your help we look forward to implementing even more creative campaigns.

Thanks to Robin Pittman at ETS, we have just completed a new video showcasing energy conservation at UFV. Please watch it, send it to your colleagues, post it on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to use it in any applicable presentations. The video will be displayed on the TV screens around campus, and featured on UFV’s multiple online platforms.

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