Program Entry


 Currently the program is limited to an initial intake of 18 students, with half projected to be domestic, and the other half consisting of international students. Entry into the program is competitive, and based on the grades the student achieves in two first year university level math and physics courses. The UFV courses are: MATH 111 & 112, and PHYS 111 & 112, while most other universities will offer equivalent courses which transfer to UFV. The minimum grade that students will need to enter the program is a B in Physics 112, and a B- in Math 112. Those 18 students with the highest grades in these courses as of the end of April, will be granted entry into the program the following September. Intake to the program is currently once per year, with classes beginning each  September. In addition, it is suggested that students complete COMP 152 and ENGR 151 before entering the program. These courses must be completed for the Diploma, and although they can be completed at anytime throughout the program, they are best done earlier so that students do not overload in any given semester, and can more easily maintain their GPA. An IELTS score of 6.5 is also generally required for entry into the program, however exceptions can be made for otherwise strong students with a lower score; talk with the program contact Tim Cooper if this is your situation.


Program Continuance and Graduation

 In order to remain in the program, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses required for the Diploma. Due to space restrictions and annual intake, students must take the 4 prescribed courses each semester to remain in the program. A missed course cannot be repeated until the following year, and there is no guarantee that there will be space in that class. In addition, students must complete all required courses of study, and have a GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate from the program.

Credit and Residency Requirements

 A Diploma program at UFV must be a minimum of 60 credits, and depending on the electives chosen, students in the UFV Engineering Physics Diploma should graduate with at least 62 credits (typical courses are each 3-4 credits, and there are 18 courses a student must complete). Of these courses, a minimum of 7 must be done at UFV in order to satisfy the residency requirements.


Program Prescription

 The following is the typical three year program which students can enter after high school to allow for successful completion of the Diploma. For those students who have already completed the appropriate first year courses, the program would begin at Year One and only take 2 years to complete.


 Entrance Year

MATH 111 - Calculus I (4 Credits)
PHYS 111 - Mechanics (5 Credits)
MATH 112 - Calculus II (4 Credits)
PHYS 112 - Electricity and Magnetism (5 Credits)

It is Suggested that students have the following required courses before beginning the program

COMP 152 - Introduction to Structured Programming (4 Credits)
ENGR 151 - Computer Aided Engineering Graphics (4 Credits)

If the student is interested in completing a BSc degree in Physics as well, then they should ensure they take the appropriate number and types of electives in their first year. To ensure that your choice of electives will properly count towards a BSc, it is strongly suggested that the student book an appointment with a Science Advisor.

Year One

Fall Semester (12 Credits)

PHYS 221* - Intermediate Mechanics (4 Credits)
PHYS 232 - Experimental Methods in Physics (2 Credits)
PHYS 231 - Thermodynamics (3 Credits)
MATH 211 - Calculus III (3 Credits)

Winter Semester (13 Credits)

PHYS 381 - Mathematical Physics (3 Credits)
ENGR 210 - Circuit Analysis (3 Credits)
ENPH 310 - Electronics I (4 Credits)
Elective** I (3-4 Credits)

Year Two

Summer Semester (1 Credit)

ENGR 100 - Production in Practice (1 Credit)

(This course will begin the week before Fall classes begin, and
is only 1 week in duration)

Fall Semester (14 Credits)

ENPH 320 - Electronics II (4 Credits)
ENGR 330 - Automatic Control Systems (4 Credits)
PHYS 392/ENPH 360 - Interfacing and Virtual Instrumentation (3
Elective** II (3-4 Credits)

Winter Semester (14 Credits)

ENGR 350 - Sensors and Actuators (4 Credits)
ENGR 340 - Micro Processors and Embedded Systems (4 Credits)
ENGR 390 - Mechatronics Project (3 Credits)
Elective** III (3-4 Credits)


* Students who have completed MATH 152, MATH 255 and ENGR 113 are exempted from the PHYS 221 requirement.

** Electives must be chosen from the following list (only one per row), or pre-approved by the Program Head.

MATH 152 or  MATH 221 (Linear Algebra)
PHYS 225 - Waves and Introductory Optics
CMNS 155 or CMNS 235 (or higher) or ENGL 105
MATH 255 - Ordinary Differential Equations
PHYS 402 - Advanced Optics
PHYS 382 - Modern Physics Lab

   To begin the application process, visit the How to Apply link.

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