Transfer From General Sciences


Not all the second year seats at UBC are filled by the ETP students, so UBC allows students from General Science to compete for the remaining second year positions. Students with this background are not guaranteed admission, and may have to meet a higher GPA requirement than ETP students. Additionally, any missing courses may have to be made up at UBC. However, this is an option many students choose to try, but they should be aware of the pre-requisites for the second year UBC courses; courses such as UFV Engr 113, UFV Math 112, and UFV Phys 112 are needed for entry into many second year courses.

A typical schedule for students interested in keeping the option of Engineering open, but who do not want to take the full list of ETP courses will typically take a schedule similar to the one listed here.

Fall Semester

Chem 113

Principles of Chemistry I

Engl 105

The Reading and Writing of Prose

Math 111

Calculus I

Phys 111


Comp 152

Introduction to Structured Programming or elective

Winter Semester

Chem 114

Principles of Chemistry II

Engr 113

Statics and Dynamics

Math 112

Calculus II

Math 152

Linear Algebra for Engineering

Phys 112

Electricity and Magnetism


What Else Does First Year Engineering Allow Me to Do?

- Entering a UFV B.Sc. or UBC’s B.Sc. in WPP

Not all students who start in Engineering want to continue down that path. First year Engineering contains within it first year sciences. Students can change from Engineering to a B.Sc. in most science fields without adding any extra time to their degree. Each year many choose to do a B.Sc. in Physics, Math, or Chemistry instead of continuing in Engineering.

Another popular option is UBC’s B.Sc. in Wood Products Processing. Though technically not an engineering degree, it is essentially the study of engineering in wood. Students in this program study how to take basic wood and convert it into high-tech materials with properties that can be superior to steel, how to design large scale wood structures, how to manage wood-related companies, and many other related fields that would normally be considered “engineering” if you are building with metal rather than wood. Details of this program can be found at

Students can enter UBC’s Wood Products Program either from the full UFV ETP, or can take a dedicated subset of the courses and still qualify for entry.

The six required courses for WPP are also in UBC’s ETP program:

Chem 113 + Chem 114

Engl 105

Math 111 + Math 112

Phys 111

Students without Physics 12 are encouraged to take Phys 105 as well

To transfer to second year a student needs to complete at least nine, and preferably ten courses. The WPP program gives students maximum flexibility for choosing those courses; while the electives may be any course that transfers to UBC for credit, courses chosen from the list below will best prepare a student for success in the Wood Products Processing program - note that all these courses are either in the ETP or are electives for the ETP:

COMP 152

ECON 100

ECON 101

ENGR 113

ENGR 151

MATH 152

PHYS 112



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