Rhonda Schuller
MA (University of Southern California)

Academic Background
I earned my BA and an MA in English at Iowa State University, with a year as Tutorial Supervisor for the Athletic Program and a few courses in Linguistics from the University of Minnesota sandwiched in between.

I continued graduate work in Los Angeles in the Rhetoric, Linguistics and Literature Program within the English Department at the University of Southern California. USC afforded me wonderful experiences in my quest to learn more about, to paraphrase both the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and the Eurhythmics, how we use and are used by words.

At USC I earned a second MA and completed course-work and exams and started into a never-completed PhD dissertation (work on a definition of media literacy). I worked for a few years on the editorial board and served for one year as managing editor of the composition journal, The Writing Instructor. My interest in rhetoric, composition and teaching grew throughout my USC experience as a Supervisor within the Freshman Writing Program.

While in Los Angeles, I taught ESL, business writing, technical writing, and writing for engineers in various schools.

My move to Canada came in 1986 during Expo and my interest in all things rhetorical continues in UFV classrooms and offices, around various dining tables, at the front doors of 711s, on the many North Shore trails and on foredecks around Vancouver waterfronts.

Courses Taught at UFV
English 099 Pre-College Composition
English 105 Reading & Writing of Pros
English 170 Literature in Context "Sports in Literature
English 210 Advanced Compositio
English 214 Reading, Writing and Rhetoric
English 371 Advanced Composition: Theory and Practice
Linguistics 101 Intro to Linguistics
Linguistics 202 Language Acquisition

Research Interests
I am currently working in curriculum development of courses to prepare English majors and minors for the uses that writing will play in their work as teachers of English as well as other disciplines.

Phone: 604-504-7441 x4659
Office: B386 Abbotsford

updated July 2012

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