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2014 Writer in Residence

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Strange Places

Daniela Elza is the author of three books of poetry: milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press, 2013), the weight of dew (Mother Tongue Publishing,  2012)and the book of it (iCrow Publications,  2011). She is the recipient of Pandora's Collective Citizenship Award (2010). She has served as a regional editor for the Pacific Poetry Project: An Anthology of three cities (Portland, Seattle & Vancouver).  Elza's work has appeared in more than 80 publications, including The Capilano Review, CV2, Van Gogh's Ear, Vallum, Room, Rocksalt Anthology, A Verse Map of Vancouver, and Poetic Inquiry. Born in Bulgaria and raised in Nigeria, she immigrated to Canada in 1999 and has since lived in Vancouver.  She received her Ph.D in Education from Simon Fraser University. 


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Daniela will be guest lecturing in classes, organizing readings, and leading workshops. 

She will also be available for individual consultation January 20 - April 4, 2014 on the Abbotsford  campus.   

Office: Abbotsford Campus - D3009
(Mondays & Thursdays) 

Elza  ‌‌‌ Elza Elza

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