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English Language Studies

Upcoming courses

Intermediate Level

EAP 054: Writing for Academic Success: Intermediate Level (6 credits)

Advanced I Level

EAP 064: Writing for Academic Success: Advanced Level (6 credits)

EAP 068: Reading for Academic Success: Advanced Level (6 credits)

Advanced II Level

EAP 074: Writing for Academic Success: University Foundation Level (6 credits)

Academic Level

EAP 084: Writing for Academic Success: University Bridge Level (6 credits)     


For course descriptions, visit the Academic Calendar.


Online Learning FAQ'S

Will online courses be the same as face-to-face?

Our online EAP courses reflect the same material you would study in person and will meet the same high standards of teaching and learning as our face-to-face EAP courses.

How is the course material available online?

UFV online classes are delivered using a learning management system called Blackboard Learn. You can log into Blackboard Learn and select your course. Once you are in your course, you can access lectures, PowerPoint, emails, assignments, readings, documents, videos, links, and discussion boards. For help accessing your online course, watch this online video tutorial.

How do I connect with my instructor and other students in class?

Instructors are very accessible and responsive, and primarily communicate through course sites and emails in online courses. Preferred methods of contact will normally be covered during your first class, but if not, always make sure to ask your instructor.

In online classes there is quite a bit of interaction between other students including group assignments, online discussion forums, online posting boards, and class discussions.

Will classes meet at a specific time?

With online learning, you may view the course materials on your own schedule. The content will be available to all students 24/7. However, with some ELS courses you may be required to meet at set times.  If you cannot meet at the set times you must notify your instructor.  Your request can be considered and accommodated based on consultation with the instructor. For information on when your class time is, check the UFV timetable.

Do I need a computer for online classes?

Yes, all ELS online courses require access to an updated computer with high-speed internet. A webcam and a USB headset with microphone is recommended and may be required.  

What do I need to know about computers?

In order to be successful in these courses student must be proficient in the following:

  • basic computer skills
  • basic typing and word processing skills
  • sending/receiving email with attachment
  • familiarity with using browser plug-ins (e.g. PDF reader, video, audio)
  • using a word processing application

Complete list of Technical Requirements

My ELS class was the first time for me to make friends in a new country. I got the chance to practice my English and learn new skills. UFV will be an unforgettable part of my life.

  • – Lin (Shirley) Jiang
  •    China

I moved to Abbotsford without any English at all. I became an ELS student at UFV and learned English from the basic level to the academic level. Academic courses gave me the opportunity to work toward my goals.

  • – Anatilde Cascavita
  •    Colombia

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