UFV TV Announcement Request Form

NEWS FLASH!! UFV has a television channel that's ready for your announcements. 
To view, tune to Channel 80 on any Abbotsford campus TV monitor that's connected to the UFV cablevision system. In Chilliwack you can watch UFV TV in the Library.  UFV TV also runs on the Hope and Mission campuses.  

We accept notices from service departments for student information, such as waitlist information, fee payment, add-drop periods, and similar deadlines. We also accept notices from student groups about events on or related to campus. UFV TV is not intended for corporate advertising. We are willing to post slides that have small logo information and links to more specific advertising. We do make some exceptions, so please contact us to discuss your intentions before you request an advertisement to run on UFV TV. 

Fill in the form below to have your information broadcast on UFV-TV.
Got a picture you want included, or a ready-made PowerPoint slide or slides?
Attach it to an email with the subject "UFV-TV" and send it to claude.dorion@ufv.ca The ads are generally updated twice a week. Please allow two days to process

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