greenSPEAK: Environmental Sustainability Speaker

04 February 2014 - 04 February 2014
15:30 PM
Abbotsford Campus

2014 greenSPEAK Seminar Series: A presentation by Robert Krausz, PhD Environmental Policy and Planning

All for naught? How ‘Zero Waste’ has become a reality check for modern environmentalism — Feb 4

Tues, Feb. 4 3:30 Abby B121 – Note the room change.

Everything done by human societies has one thing in common: the generation of waste as an end consequence. All of nature shares this waste-producing feature – but whereas the rest of the natural world functions under sustainable, circular resource-to-waste-to-resource systems, Homo sapiens above all other species has evolved to operate via one-directional, linear systems of resource-to-waste, that are highly unsustainable and have created a serious and growing waste problem. The multiple consequences include air, water and soil pollution, toxic impacts to health, and the ongoing loss of finite land base to the continual need for new landfill dumps





UFV Centre for Environmental Sustainability

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