Exterior Insulations and Finish System (EIFS) remediation project

Exterior Insulations and Finish System (EIFS) remediation project

The University of the Fraser Valley has identified that two buildings, Building D and Building A-East, are experiencing moisture infiltration through the building envelope. The Exterior Insulations and Finish System (EIFS) remediation project is designed to ensure the longevity of UFV’s buildings by replacing the worn exterior walls with specially-designed cladding. The EIFS remediation will increase the lifespans of the affected buildings by 30 years. This means that both buildings will continue to be integral features of UFV until at least 2050!

This project will resurface Buildings A-East and D. The remediation will be done in sections and will take place over the span of 2-3 years, beginning in summer 2019. The sectioning approach is to ensure minimal disruption to UFV’s daily operations.

Although classrooms, offices, and administrative areas will be affected by this project, there are supports in place to reduce impacts to students, staff, and faculty. The newly acquired Building K (formerly Finnegan’s Pub and Phoenix Lounge) is being renovated and will be used as a swing space that will be fundamental in continuing normal operations.

The ultimate goal of the EIFS project is to ensure the quality and safety of UFV’s buildings as well as to improve the structures. This project is a large undertaking and will take the cooperation of all students, staff, and faculty to guarantee its success.

A project schedule will be finalized in late spring. 

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