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What are the advantages and disadvantages of living on-campus or off-campus?

Some students prefer to live on-campus in residence while others prefer to live off-campus in their own or shared apartment. Either option has its advantages depending on your preferences.

The UFV Residence offers the convenience of living with other students on-campus in fully furnished suites, close to classes, and campus facilities, activities and events.  Our Baker House facilities are quite new and all students are given private bedrooms and share the suite’s kitchen and bathroom with one other student. For more information about on-campus housing, please visit the Residence website.

Apartment living provides you with more independence and the freedom to cook your own meals; however, apartments are usually not furnished and are similar in cost to residence. There are off-campus housing options within easy commuting distance to and from campus by city bus. For some helpful resources, please visit our off-campus housing website.

 Info for international students:

International students may also choose to stay with a homestay family. Although Canadian homestay arrangements can vary, they can sometimes be more economical as they usually include meals and your own private furnished bedroom.

View more information about accommodation options for international students.

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