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Tuition and fees FAQ

Tuition and fees

 Info for domestic or landed students:

If you are a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident of Canada, you will pay domestic tuition fees. View information about fees and living costs. Please note certain programs may have additional fees.

 Info for international students:

International students pay for tuition per semester (not for the whole program). View international tuition and fees information for a breakdown of your fees per semester, or an estimate of your fees on an annual basis.

 Info for domestic or landed students:

Reminder:  Domestic students are not able to pay for tuition and other semester related fees by credit card. See below for ways to pay.

Online banking or telebanking

Pay by online banking or telebanking through your bank or credit union. Check with your branch for details and/or to arrange access. Select University of the Fraser Valley as the payee and use your student ID number as your account number.

If paying by online banking, please allow enough time before the deadline for the payment to be processed by your banking institution. You may also pay your deposit in advance of your registration date and time.

In person

Pay tuition at any Office of the Registrar using cash, cheque, money order, bank draft, Passport to Education, or debit card. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.
If paying by debit, contact your bank to ensure your daily limit will allow the amount of your tuition.

If paying by cheque, ensure it is for the exact amount owing on your account and include your name, UFV ID, address, and telephone number on your cheque. A $25 penalty will be charged for NSF/returned cheques.

 Info for international students:

To pay from abroad, you can use WU®GlobalPay for Students,  an international student payment portal that makes it easy and cost-effective for you or your family to pay in your local currency from your home bank account.

To pay from Canada, you can use online banking from a Canadian bank, or use a credit card  (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

Learn more about how to pay for tuition‌.


 Info for international students:

All international students are required by law to maintain comprehensive medical insurance while studying in Canada. You must live in BC for three months before you are eligible for government insurance. During your waiting period a comprehensive private company is used. Medical Premiums are assessed on an annual basis in January. If you start later in the year, your premiums are pro-rated. View more information.

 Info for international students:

If you wish, you may purchase your own medical insurance to cover you for your first three months in BC, but after three months you MUST enroll with the government insurance plan. It is also helpful to note that medical care in Canada is very expensive and so if you do choose to purchase your own insurance for your first three months, it must provide adequate coverage.

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