Fashion Design Program Options

Within the program fashion design offers three of the following options to choose from as electives in the final year. This allows for flexibility to custom design your education to suit your area of interest and career goals.

Here fabric inspires design as students have the opportunity to explore their creative side embellishing and designing unique contemporary textiles. There are a variety of techniques that can be applied to fabric that provide endless  possibilities to your designs. Fabrics can be dyed, printed, embellished, pleated, woven or knitted to create surface

FD 172     Machine Knitting
FD 174     Weaving Fashion Fabrics
FD 271     Surface Design l
FD 371     Surface Design ll

Fashion Technology
Technology is becoming an increasingly important factor in the world of fashion. The new Fashion Technology option includes a complement of course that will provide training in a variety of approaches to the technical aspects of fashion.

FD 290     Drafting Technology
FD 291     Draping
FD 292     Pattern Grading and Production Processes
Elective     one elective from Textiles or Marketing

If you plan to set up a fashion-related business or pursue a career in sales and marketing, this is the best route for you.

BUS 100      Introduction to Business
BUS 120*    Essentials of Marketing
BUS 323**  Introduction to Advertising (Note: Students with credit for BUS 223 may use this course in place of BUS 323)
BUS 328**  Retail Management

* Prerequisite:  BUS 100 (effective Sept. 2010)
** Prerequisite: BUS 120

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