Program of Study

At UFV the Fashion Design Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that promotes creativity, marketing and technology. You can fast track your career with a two year diploma or earn a Bachelor of Fine arts Degree with the new Fashion minor/ extended minor. 

Two Year Diploma 
The UFV Fashion Design diploma is designed to integrate you into the apparel industry. With three options to choose from you can focus on your educational needs and interests.

This option allows students to express their creative talents in textile art and design. Mastering skills in dying, printing, knitting and weaving, our students transform materials into wearable works of art.

Fashion Technology
The fashion technology option provides training in a variety of technical approaches including Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications with 3-D technology.
If you plan to set up a fashion related business or pursue a career in sales and marketing, this is the best route for you. 


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
The BFA now offers a minor/ extended minor in Fashion where students can pursue a secondary field of study such as: 

             Graphic and Digital Design
             Media and Communications
             Visual Arts
             Creative Writing
             Art History

This program provides students with the flexibility to identify more specific employment.

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