Autumn Jenkinson Memorial Endowment Leadership Award

Autumn was an outstanding student, with a graduating GPA of 4.03. She was on the Dean's list several times. Autumn took her studies seriously and worked hard to develop a facility for critical thinking at a theoretical and practical level. In addition to being an excellent student, Autumn was a student leader and participated in the Social Work Students Association as Vice-President and President. Autumn demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice and to social work practice. Her commitment to social issues extended to an engagement with anti-oppressive practice and child welfare. Autumn was a single parent with a young school-age daughter. She managed to balance home, work, school and community commitments with integrity and excellence.

AMOUNT: Varies (Value of the award will fluctuate each year based on the endowment amount)

AVAILABLE TO: Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work program.

HOW TO APPLY: Leadership Award Application form is available on-line at MyUFV. Log into MyUFV, click on Student Information, click on Student Services, then the tab for Financial Aid.



  • demonstration of commitment to social justice

  • preference will be given to students who have completed their social service diploma at UFV and are laddering into the BSW program

  • preference will be given to a single female parent

  • minimum GPA of 3.5

  • demonstration of community involvement in a leadership capacity

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