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Roger Sasaki Memorial Endowment Leadership Award In Social Work

Roger Sasaki Memorial Endowment Leadership Award in Social Work

Roger Sasaki was a respected Social Worker who spent a 33 year career working in the areas of child welfare, corrections, and forensic psychiatry, He was committed to the profession through his advocacy roles as President of the Fraser River Branch of the British Columbia School of Social Workers and Representative to the Provincial Board. Furthermore, Roger was dedicated to the education of Social Work students through his work on the Advisory Council for the UFV School of Social Work.

This award is meant to support UFV Social Work students in continuing on with Roger's dedication towards promoting the Social Work profession and it's values of compassion, empathy, and a commitment to help others. He believed in the importance of education - not just to get a job, but to increase the awareness of humanity, to learn about other people, and to view different ways of looking at the world around us.

Roger was someone who recognized the importance of making a genuine personal connection with everyone that he met by making people feel what we all drive to achieve - to feel appreciated as an individual, accepted as part of the community, and valued as a human being. It is hoped the recipient of this award understands the intrinsic importance of these values in both their personal and professional lives.

AMOUNT: Varies (value of award will fluctuate each year based on the endowment amount)

AVAILABLE TO:  A UFV student registered in the Social Work Program, a student in good academic standing who has demonstrated excellence ni community service, student leadership, and volunteerism. Recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. preference to be given to a student enrolled in the Master of Social Work Program.

HOW TO APPLY: Leadership Award application form is available online at MyUFV. log in to MyUFV, click on Student Information, click on Student Services, then the tab for Financial Aid.


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