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Financial Aid and Awards

The Shenaniganeer Endowment Leadership Award

The gentlemen founders of The Shenaniganeer Endowment Leadership Award are all products of that illustrious institution known as UFV.  As students, they were highly-engaged in campus life as leaders of various clubs and associations.  As alumni, they do adult things like manage companies, save lives, lead the UFV Association, create technology, collect Charm Antiquarks, and capture bad guys.

They live by a strict code of values including irreverence, mirth, and mischief.

Once upon a time, a beautiful muse named Single-Malt Scotch provided them with an epiphany that went something like “Hey, let’s make an endowment”.  And here we are today, in accordance with the prophecy.

AMOUNT: $1000

AVAILABLE TO: A UFV student who is:

  1. Current or former elected official in a student association of one of the listed faculties (Biology, Chemistry (Biology and Chemistry Student Association (BCSA), Physics (Physics Student Association (PSA), Business (Business Administration Student Association (BASA), Computer Science, Computer Information Systems (Computing Student Association (CSA), or Criminal Justice (Criminal Justice Student Association (CISA); or
  2. Who is or has been an elected official of other registered student groups (other than the Student Union Society); or
  3. Major in one of the listed faculties or
  4. Minor in one of the listed faculties; or
  5. Taken a course from one of the listed faculties

Additionally would prefer a student: who is actively engaged in constructive, practical community building; who builds collaboration between student associations or groups; who organizes annual events for students and contributes to long-term campus culture; and who promotes the spirits of Mirth and Tomfoolery on campus, for example:

  • Spends the first day of class in a costume, such as a gorilla suit
  • Convinces a class that they are the professor and lectures them for >5 minutes
  • Successfully pulls off a campus prank of epic proportions
    • E.g. Sneaks a large object into the President’s Office without being caught
      • Object must have name and student number on it to qualify
        • Preferably written in crayon or sparkly gel-pen
          • Orange is best
            • Maroon is okay, too
  • Must not damage property
  • Must not create extra work for staff or faculty
  • Must be something that creates joy and mirth, not pain and frustration
  • Must not break the Criminal Code of Canada (misdemeanours are okay)

HOW TO APPLY: Leadership Award application is available online at MyUFV. Log into MyUFV, click on Student Information, click on tab for Financial Aid and Award Application.


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