Education is like a journey. Like a journey, doing well at college or university takes hard work. Unexpected challenges must be overcome along the way, and whether we reach our destination or not will be based in large part on how well we prepared before we started.

To begin with, we are all faced with a myriad of options around career choices. Many of the options require that we make some significant decisions about our lives and lifestyle arrangements. What we decide to do will be based on a variety of factors, including aptitude, areas of interest, family issues, the level of education required to satisfy our personal and career goals, and the financial implications of such a journey.

Determining what those financial implications are, and, how to develop a sound approach to financing education is the subject of Comprehensive Financial Planning for Education. Planning for financing education is a key element for educational success. This online course provides "hands on" opportunities to explore financial planning through a series of learner-oriented modules. You are encouraged to use these materials to help you in making sound educational decisions.

Each module in this Workbook includes a description of prior learning assumptions, learning outcomes, learning objectives, topics for discussion, and suggested activities. Each module also includes worksheets and a list of web and other resources that complement the materials included in this site.

Bon voyage!


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