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There’s no doubt that investing in education can help your career prospects after graduation. But there’s more to a degree, diploma, or certificate than a piece of paper. At UFV, you can get a head start by testing out career options and working towards your career goals now, while you are studying.  


Get the skills employers want

UFV’s hands-on learning environment equips you with the skills you need to start a career. According to a study from Workopolis, Canada’s largest online job site, the top skills employers across industries need in their new hires include communication, writing, organization, leadership, and problem-solving. All UFV programs are designed to provide students with these skills and more. Every graduate will be able to demonstrate 9 key Institutional Learning Outcomes. Whether you study physics or psychology, geography or general studies, you will graduate with important skills employers are looking for.


Do your research

You may know exactly what dream job is. Or you may not be sure what is your best fit. Either way, WorkBC has an excellent resource that allows you to search hundreds of career profiles, and what education and experience is required to meet your goals.

UFV has over 100 programs to choose from to get you started.

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Ask for help

If you are not sure what direction you want to go with your career, UFV’s Career Counsellors can help. Career Counsellors can give you one-on-one support in making career decisions. Set up a free appointment with a Career Counsellor by calling our Student Services office at (604)854-4528.

Career Counsellors have a variety of free resources to help you narrow down your career choices, or figure out what kind of jobs suit your personality. 

Get career help


Get experience

Experience is king when hunting for your first job. Employers look for graduates equipped with skills from hands-on learning they can take to the workplace.

Here at UFV, many programs offer co-operative education. Co-operative education is an opportunity to get paid work experience related to your field of study. There are also many opportunities to work part-time on campus in a position related to your studies. You can get more information on paid student positions at our Career Centre.

At UFV, you also have the opportunity to get involved in research. There are more than 105 courses that involve research and 170+ student research assistant positions open to UFV undergraduate students. Not only can working in research early in your career help you acquire real-world skills, it can also enable you to make key professional contacts and create bonds with mentors who will support you on your career path. Volunteer experience is another way to get valuable skills and develop leadership capacity that you can take with you to work. UFV currently has over 500 opportunities for students to get involved on campus. 


Look for your first job

UFV students and graduates benefit from the support of the UFV Career Centre, which offers free workshops, a yearly career fair, and one-on-one appointments. Whether you need help updating your résumé, want to practice your interview skills, or connect with potential employers, we’ve got you covered. 

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