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UFV is here to help you on your career path. You'll find guidance, work experience opportunities, and job-hunting help!

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Program advice

Not sure which UFV program fits your career goals? Meet with a UFV student recruiter. Our team can help you choose in a free one-on-one support session.

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UFV career-mapping tool

UFV students get access to Career Mapping UFV. Choose a field of study and UFV program. Then the tool will show you a list of possible occupations to explore. Some you'll recognize and others will be inspiring possibilities that you've never considered. Learn more about the career-mapping tool at UFV.

Get the skills employers want

In-demand soft skills

According to a Canadian Workopolis study, employers across every industry want communication, writing, organization, leadership, and problem-solving skills in their new hires. At UFV, we’re committed to making sure you walk out our doors with these life skills. Read more about UFV learning outcomes.

For even more real-world experience, many UFV courses offer field trips, study tours, practicums, labs, industry projects, and expert panels.

Build work experience 

There’s no substitute for hands-on work experience. That’s why so many of our programs have co-operative education options — paid work terms in your field of study. 

There are also plenty of opportunities to work part-time on campus in a position related to your program. Learn more at our Career Centre.

Become a research assistant

Working as a research assistant helps link your academic work to the real world. It also develops professional contacts and connects you with mentors who can support you on your career path. At UFV, you’ll find 105 courses that involve research, and a huge variety of student research assistant positions open to undergrads.


Through volunteering, you’ll gain valuable experience and skills, make contacts and develop your leadership capabilities. UFV has a wide variety of opportunities for you to volunteer on campus. 

Volunteering helps your transcript, too. Your UFV experiential learning student profile is an official record of leadership activities outside class, and it’s a great way to demonstrate your skill and motivation to prospective employers.

Refine your job-hunting skills

The UFV Career Centre offers free workshops, a yearly career fair, and one-on-one career counselling appointments for students and grads. Whether you need help updating your resume, practising your interview skills, or connecting with potential employers, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure whether UFV is right for you?

Our recruiters would love to help you find the answers.

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