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Are there flexible options available (full-time, part-time etc.) to complete my degree?

At UFV, students are able to select their own courses according to what will best suit their schedule.

The standard acadmic year consists of our Fall semester (September – December) and Winter semester (January  – April). UFV also offers an optional summer semester (May – August) which gives students the opportunity to do full time studies, combine part-time studies and work, or take a study break.  Doing summer courses gives students the possible advantage of completing a credential sooner than the standard length of time; for example; instead of four years for a degree, it may only take three or three and a half years. 

While a slightly lighter course load is permitted in an academic semester, it is not a popular option because it lengthens the usual time it takes to complete a credential and increases the overall cost of studies.

 Info for international students:

International students are expected to study full-time each semester during the academic year.  A full-time UFV international student takes five academic courses (approx. 15 credits) in both the fall and winter semesters. This course load ensures timely completion of credentials.

Tuition is also not adjusted to accommodate a lighter course load in the fall and winter semesters unless it is the student’s last semester and fewer than 5 courses are needed to graduate.  The summer semester is considered optional and international students will only be charged on a per-credit basis in the summer.

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