Future Students

After you apply

You have submitted your application and received confirmation that you have been accepted to UFV. Congratulations! Here are your next steps as a new student at the University of the Fraser Valley.


Pay your tuition deposit

A $200 tuition deposit is required before you can register for courses. Pay your deposit as early as possible to secure your commitment to UFV and to make sure you are ready to register. There are multiple ways to pay your deposit and most students find online banking to be the easiest. Check out the link below for information on how to pay your fees. 

Learn how to pay


Plan your schedule

Planning your first class schedule is an exciting process! Before you build your schedule, you will need to review course offerings in the timetable. We release timetables for the Fall (September) in May, Winter (January) semester in October, and in March for the Summer (May) semester. You will need to build your class schedule base on what courses are available and when. Use the Interactive Course Finder to find offerings, and use a timetable worksheet to plan your schedule. Be sure to check for time conflicts and allow enough time to travel between campuses, if required. You may wish to include your other commitments (work, extra-curricular) in your worksheet, so you do not overcommit yourself.

Remember that classes that have labs associated with them are like an additional class: each has their own time, location, and Course Registration Number (CRN). Don’t forget to add them to your timetable, as both CRNs must be entered to register. Failure to enter the lab CRN will result in a link error message.


Register for courses

Every student is provided with a registration date and time and you can find yours by logging into your myUFV account. Registration dates and times are scheduled in early May for the Fall semester, early November for the Winter semester, and early March for the Summer semester. When it is your turn to register, you will once again log into myUFV to select your courses. You will want to register as close as possible to your assigned date and time to get the best course selection. You can get a detailed guide to registration and find tutorials at the link below. 

Learn how to register for courses


Pay your fees

Your tuition and related fees will be due approximately 10 days after classes begin. You can find out what you owe after you register through your myUFV account. Online banking is the best way to pay your fees. Be sure to make your payment a few business days prior to the deadline to ensure your financial institution can process your request. See important registration dates for current fee payment deadlines. 

Need money? Check out the link below to our Financial Aid and Awards Office where you can get information on scholarships, bursaries and loans available to UFV students. 

Find money for school 


Find the support you need to succeed

Get ready for a smooth transition to UFV before your classes begin. 

Attending UFV for the first time this Fall? We host New Student Orientation Events in the Spring to get you ready for your first semester at UFV. 

Indigenous students can self-identify to get connected to supportive programs and services specifically designed for students of Indigenous ancestry. Connect with the Indigenous Student Centre to learn more. 

We are committed to supporting students with disabilities at UFV. Check out the Centre for Accessibility Services to learn about services and how to register for support. We recommend connecting with a Disability Advisor four months before you begin your studies at UFV to ensure you get the best support. 

Take advantage of a wide variety of student support and opportunities to connect with the UFV community. Learn more about services available and engagement opportunities at the link below. 

Check out Student Services


Get your questions answered

If you still have questions about getting started at UFV, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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