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UFV Lead

UFV Lead  is a comprehensive peer mentorship and leadership development program designed to support students throughout their academic careers at UFV. 

 If you are new to UFV:

Apply to UFV Lead and get personalized support and guidance from an upper-year mentor during your first two semesters at UFV. Your mentor will regularly check in with you and answer your questions about university life. They'll also help you get connected to the campus community by inviting you to exclusive UFV Lead events and activities, such as a two-night retreat, leadership development workshops, and social events. 

 If you are a current UFV student who likes to help others:

Apply to become a UFV Lead Mentor and share your knowledge and experience with new-to-UFV students. Successful applicants will become part of a team of dynamic, highly committed student leaders. As a UFV Lead Mentor, you'll develop your own leadership potential while helping new-to-UFV students integrate into the campus community.

 Applications for UFV Lead Mentors for the 2018-2019 academic year are now open! Apply online before March 2.


To learn more about UFV Lead, check out our Facebook page or email us at lead@ufv.ca.

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