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After you apply

You have submitted your application and paid your application fee. What now? Here are your next steps:

Check myUFV frequently

myUFV is UFV's student portal that connects you to the UFV online network: on myUFV, you can register for classes, check your classes and grades, receive and send emails, and more. Learn how to log in for the first time.

Apply for Residence

If you're not planning to live at home, you'll need a place to stay. Residence can be your home away from home. Learn more about Baker House, UFV's residence on the Abbotsford campus.

Register for courses

Your registration appointments will be available through myUFV. Find out how to register for UFV classes.

Attend new student orientation

New student orientation is a great opportunity to get to know the campus, meet fellow students and talk to staff and faculty about what is happening at UFV. Get the scoop on orientation.

Pay your fees

Your fees are not due in full until the end of the second week of classes. But on that day, the line at the registrar's office is so long that wait time can easily run up to two hours. Do yourself a favor and plan to pay well in advance to avoid a painful wait.

See Important Registration Dates for current fee payment deadline.

Start planning for a Study Abroad experience

As soon as you have completed 30 credits at UFV, you are eligible to study abroad.

But remember: studying abroad require more preparation than the usual overseas trip. In addition to visas and shots, you need to secure admission to a foreign university, plan your course work, arrange for accommodations, and fill out paperwork to have your credits transferred.

For best results, start your Study Abroad research and planning at least ten months before you wish to study abroad. 

Start planning for Co-operative education

Gain professional work experience and sample multiple career paths. After two full time semesters of study at UFV, you are eligible to apply to the Career Centre's Co-op program.

Co-operative Education (Co-op) combines academic studies with relevant work experience. Academic semesters alternate with work terms, giving you up to two years of relevant work experience.

Be sure to apply before the last Monday of the month in September, January, or May to be ready to apply for Co-op placements in the following academic semester.

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