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Frequently asked questions

I’m currently in the BGS program (entrance prior to Summer 2017). Will I need to follow the new degree requirements?

This depends. Students currently in the program who are planning on graduating before Winter 2018 will need to follow pre-2017 requirements. 

If you are continuing in the Bachelor of General Studies program with a graduation date after Fall 2017, then you can choose to complete the new program requirements. However, it is strongly advised that you meet with a General Studies advisor before deciding to do so, to ensure that your graduation will not be delayed.

If I am entering the BGS for the first time in Fall 2017, will I have the option of the requirements of the program from earlier years?

No. All students entering in Fall 2017 must follow the new requirements.

Will the residency requirements for the degree change?

The residency requirement will remain 30 credits. However, the number of upper-level credits (300- or 400-level) that must be completed at UFV has been increased to 24.

Can I use my certificate or diploma from an Applied Technology (Trades) program in the BGS?

Depending on the program, your certificate or diploma may be used to demonstrate that you have met certain degree core competencies (e.g. digital or numeracy).

Some Applied Technology programs are awarded university-level credits, and these may be used in the Bachelor of General Studies. These programs include: Architectural Drafting; Electronics, 200-level; Hospitality and Event Management Post-degree program; and Plumbing and Piping.

Most Applied Technology certificates and diplomas (e.g. Joinery, Welding, Culinary Arts, etc.) are not awarded university-level credits at this time.

Students that have completed a credential in an Applied Technology program who are planning on completing a degree should see an academic advisor to assess how their program may be used within the Bachelor of General Studies.

Can I use my General Studies diploma to enter into the BGS in Fall 2017?

Yes, you may use your General Studies diploma so long as your CGPA for the diploma was at least 2.0.

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